Bruce Willis Seeks Bloody Vengeance In First Trailer For 'Death Wish'

Death Wish doesn't just give Bruce Willis his best shot at a solid studio movie in quite some time, it's also the first mainstream effort by director Eli Roth since....Hostel 2? And the filmmaker known for his gory, gruesome horrors wants his fans to know that he hasn't lost his touch just because he's making Death Wish, and that audiences won't be disappointed by the bodies that get stacked up in Willis' quest for vengeance. He tells Yahoo!...

“People that are fans of my other movies will not be disappointed when they go to see ‘Death Wish’ but it’s not ‘Hostel 4. “ ‘Man on Fire‘ is not a body count movie. ‘Unforgiven‘ is not a body count movie. ‘Sicario‘ is not a body count movie. ‘[A] History of Violence,’ ‘Eastern Promises,’ these are all the inspirations… I wanted to make an awesome action-revenge [movie].”

The first trailer for Roth's revenge-thriller has arrived, and at least to me it looks a lot like Denzel Washington's The Equalizer, which is a good thing. But there's definitely a little bit of Roth's nasty side showing. Willis takes on the role made famous by Charles Bronson, as a family man who goes vigilante to get revenge for his murdered wife and injured daughter, victims of an armed robbery. 

Death Wish opens November 20th and co-stars Dean Norris, Jack Kesy, Vincent D'Onfrio, Elisabeth Shue, and Beau Knapp.