Ben Affleck May Direct Casey Affleck In Sony's Afghanistan War Movie, 'Red Platoon'

As far as Ben Affleck's run as Batman goes, we have no clue how that will end up. However, we may have an idea of his next project behind the camera, since it won't be The Batman. Affleck's followup to the poorly-received Live by Night may be Afghanistan War film, Red Platoon, based on the bestselling memoir by Clinton Romesha.

The Tracking Board says Affleck is in early talks for the job, which would have him headed over to Sony Pictures in what I think is a bit of a surprise. Affleck and Warner Bros. tend to go hand-in-hand, and they've distributed his last three projects as a director. So I don't know if this falls into the "I'm Batman as long as they want me" comments Affleck has made about the studio, but there would seem to be some separation now.

As for Red Platoon, it follows the Battle of Kamdesh, a 14-hour firefight on October 3rd 2009 between 300 Taliban fighters and a small band of soldiers led by Staff Sgt. Romesha at a remote American outpost on the Afghan-Pakistani border.  Ben's brother Casey Affleck is being eyed for the lead role, which would make this their first movie together since Gone Baby Gone.

This seems like a good bounce back vehicle for Affleck, as long as he isn't distracted too much by his DC stuff. I'm pretty sure his divided attention went a long way in Live by Night's failure.