BB-8's Evil Twin Is Much Cooler, Can Be Yours For The Right Price

Can droids be lured over to the Dark Side of the Force? That I don't know, but we know the Dark Side has its share of robots at its disposal. Some are big, armored, and battle-ready, and occasionally some of them are pretty cute. But cute in an evil way, like the new droid that is gaining a ton of attention today: BB-9E, and as you probably guessed by the designation, it's basically the dark version of the ever-lovin' BB-8.

That's right, the lovable rollerball droid BB-8 will have a dark nemesis in Star Wars: The Last Jedi, and we know because they're also going to be toys. OF COURSE! This was all about selling more stuff! A new commercial for app-enabled droid toys revealed BB-9E to the world, mere hours before the kickoff of Force Friday II, an event that launches the release of officially licensed 'The Last Jedi' merchandise. $$$$$$$$$

Look, this isn't that complicated of a manuever. The same way DC Comics created alternate versions of popular characters (Superman, Supergirl, Superboy, Superwoman) to drive sales, Lucasfilm and Disney have done the same. It's a practice that was put into effect by George Lucas to sap your bank account and Disney sees no reason to let a good thing go. Can't blame them, really. BB-9E is kinda cute and I'm going to have to own one tomorrow. Oh wait, it costs $149. I'm going to have to stare pitifully at it tomorrow.

Check out the commercial below, which is kinda hilarious for the obviously-evil child who chose to have a BB-9E toy. Such a heel! Too bad Rian Johnson didn't decide to keep the droid's original name on set: BB-H8.