Adam Scott's Stepson Is A Bad Seed In New Trailer For 'Little Evil'

A couple of years ago there was this indie horror/comedy titled Hell Baby. It had a great cast of funnypeople, and was good for a few devilish laughs. There's just something about the birth of the Antichrist that is hilarious, I guess. It looks like that film has a spiritual cousin in Little Evil, which has Adam Scott realizing that his stepson isn't just a bad seed, he's the baddest seed of all.

Directed by Eli Craig, the guy behind cult favorite Tucker & Dale vs. Evil, the film leans pretty heavy on satirizing The Exorcist, The Omen, and other movies that have been satirized to death. Here's hoping Craig can find a novel way to do it.  Evangeline Lily, Donald Faison, Clancy Brown, Owen Atlas, Bridget Everett, and Tyler Labine co-star.

Netflix will debut Little Evil on September 1st.