A Couple Of Guys Want To Make A Female 'Lord Of The Flies', Twitter Reacts As Expected

Whether you read William Golding's Lord of the Flies in grade school like I did, or watched the 1963 film and the 1990 remake, I'm betting the story stuck with you. I'm betting specific scenes, like the one with Piggy and the rock, were burned into your memory. There's something haunting about Lord of the Flies that makes it one of the most referenced and copied stories ever. And now it will have a chance to haunt a different generation in a new film from Warner Bros., although this version will come with a gender twist.

David Siegel and Scott McGehee will write and direct Lord of the Flies in which all of the characters trapped on the island will be girls. The original story was published in 1954 and followed students from an all-boys school stranded on the island after their plane crashed. With no supervision they were free to do whatever they wanted, and that much freedom quickly leads to a breakdown of social order and basic humanity. The plot of Snowpiercer borrows heavily from Lord of the Flies, as do many others.

Siegel and McGehee were the duo behind Bee Season and the underrated What Maisie Knew. They plan to stay faithful to the source material, which is a good thing. I've always seen Lord of the Flies as a comment on man's basic cruelty, and I do mean "man", because I don't know if that story happens without an excess of testosterone. But I see this new version as having great potential to make a different kind of statement. Whether a couple of guys are the right ones to do it, though, remains to be seen.

Sure enough, Twitter ain't buyin' it.