Two Untitled DC Films Set For 2020; Is One 'Wonder Woman 2'?

Warner Bros. is adding a bit of intrigue just days before their big Hall H panel at Comic-Con. They've added a pair of mystery DC Films to their slate, the first on Valentine's Day 2020, and the second on June 5th 2020.

So what could these be? It's possible Warner Bros. has decided to shuffle Cyborg and Green Lantern Corps which were both slated to come out that year. Or, maybe they've set a date for Wonder Woman 2, since June 5th is the same weekend that it hit this summer. Another option is The Flash, which has yet to get back on track since Rick Famuyiwa dropped out some months ago.

What's unlikely is that all four of these movies will drop in the same year, so there is definitely some moving around going on. We'll likely find out more at Comic-Con later this week. [Variety]