Toni Collette & Molly Shannon Get Wild In First Trailer For 'Fun Mom Dinner'

I'm one of the handful of folks who attended a special screening of the very familiar comedy, Fun Mom Dinner, while at Sundance back in January. And, seriously, I forgot about it until like five minutes ago, which should tell you all you need to know about this film that takes a talented cast and does little with them that we haven't seen before in funnier movies.

Katie Aselton, Molly Shannon, Toni Collette, and Bridget Everett (who is much better in Patti Cake$) star in the film written by Julie Rudd (Paul Rudd's wife, and yes he makes a cameo, such as it was) and directed by Alethea Jones. It's exactly what you think. Four moms get together for a "fun mom dinner" away from the kids, only to have the evening get a little out of control. Well, sorta.  One of my big complaints was it "seems unsure whether it wants to be brazen or PG-rated", and doesn't pull off either. The night isn't as insane as Rough Night or even Bad Moms which is fairly tame, but more like that faith-based comedy Moms' Night Out.

Also starring Adam Scott, Paul Rust, Adam Levine, and Rub Huebel, Fun Mom Dinner opens August 4th.