The 'Justice League' Trailer Got Upstaged By Henry Cavill's Mustache

I think Warner Bros is used to putting on an absolutely amazing panel at Comic-Con's Hall H, only to be emphatically upstaged by Marvel when they come swooping in at the day's end. Been there, done that. But something they probably didn't count on was what stole their thunder yesterday...Henry Cavill's mustache.

The Internets went hog wild making fun of Cavill's fuzzy caterpillar,which he has while shooting Paramount's Mission: Impossible 6. However, Joss Whedon's reshoots on Justice League have been more extensive than anyone knew, lasting a couple of months and costing north of $25M. That's a lot more than typical weeks-long reshoots last, which is why there's some speculation that Whedon will get a co-directing credit. Anyway, since Cavill HAS to keep the 'stache for M:I6, Warner Bros. has decided the best course of action is to simply remove it digitally.

We are SO CLOSE to a Superman who rocks a Tom Sellick. So very close. All it'll take is one incompetent editor and we're in Burt Reynolds land.

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But the scheduling is becoming a problem. Pretty much everybody in this movie is hella busy. Ezra Miller has that whole Fantastic Beasts and Where to Find Them sequel, too.

Reshoots are a common thing, and I hate that it's become such a dirty word among a certain segment of ignorant people who think it never happens. That said, a lot of time and money is being spent to make Justice League more of a Joss Whedon joint than a Zack Snyder one.  We'll see just how much when it opens on November 17th.