Sylvester Stallone Teases Ivan Drago's Return In 'Creed 2'

It's been a while since we heard anything about a sequel to Creed, the unexpectedly great Rocky spinoff that turned into a surprise hit. With Michael B. Jordan and Ryan Coogler busy on Black Panther, followed by the public school drama Wrong Answer, one has to wonder if it's been lost in the shuffle. But Sylvester Stallone, who earned an Oscar nomination for reprising his role as Rocky Balboa, hasn't forgotten about it, and he seems to be teasing an idea for where the next film could go.  Backwards, it seems.

Stallone hit Instagram (I still have a hard time believing Sly is on social media at all, but he's quite prolific.) and cooked up this Photoshopped image of Jordan's character, Adonis Creed, nose-to-nose with Russian brute, Ivan Drago. You may recall it was Drago who killed Adonis' father, Apollo Creed, in Rocky IV ("If he dies, he dies" is still some cold shit.), and Sly seems to think a faceoff of some kind would be cool...

Here's a chance to stretch your imagination ... HISTORY WILL ALWAYS REPEAT ITSELF IN ONE FORM OR ANOTHER, JUST GOT TO BE READY! ... Sins of the Father.... #creed2 # agentnickyc

That whole "Sins of the father" bit suggests Sly may want to see the son of Drago take on Adonis, a move I hope nobody is seriously considering. Better to move forward than get stuck in the past tying up loose ends that don't exist. Creed was about Adonis reconciling with his father's death and moving on to become a great fighter in his own right. Leave it at that. It would give Sly a chance to work again with his buddy Dolph Lundgen, especially after he quit The Expendables franchise.

Although I have to admit now might be a good time for a good ol' America vs. Russia movie. Wonder who our President would root for?