Seven Kingdoms Highlights: 'Game Of Thrones' S7E3: “The Queen's Justice”

Last week on Game of Thrones, Danny got handed her first real defeat since she left Essos, probably her first real defeat of the show period.  Her naval fleet manned by the Greyjoy siblings Yara and Theon was decimated by their uncle Euron, who has an appetite not only for the Iron Throne, but also for the queen herself.  He killed two of the Sand Snakes and took the rest and Yara hostage to be a special “gift” for Cersei.  Jon decided to head to Dragonstone so that he could work up some sort of alliance with Danny and her dragons for the real fight against the White Walkers.  Meanwhile, Sam performed a very do-it-at-home surgery on Jorah to try and cure him of his gray scale that probably grossed out half of the audience.  Arya decided that it’s time to head back home to Winterfell after finding out that Jon is King in the North (only for him to leave before she arrives).  When will the Stark kids finally reunite?

So how did this week go?  Here are a few highlights:


Jon finally arrived at Dragonstone to finally meet Danny.  This is all based on a novel called “A Song of Fire and Ice”, so it’s only natural that the two people who literally represent fire and ice finally meet up.  After reuniting with Tyrion, who he hasn’t seen since season one, he gets his first look at Danny’s dragons that do continuous flybys.  Both Jon and Davos look at them in awe, amazement, and a healthy dose of fear.  

The meeting doesn’t go as planned though.  Jon tells stories of White Walkers and is met with the same skepticism that he continuously has been met with.  Danny dismisses the story of the White Walkers as fable, which is a little weird given that she literally rides beings considered myths in the world of Game of Thrones.  If anyone would believe the incredible, it would be her.  However, she’s more concerned with Jon bending the knee to her and helping her fight Cersei than any tales of an army of the dead.  Thanks to a brief chat with Tyrion (who sorta believes Jon), she agrees to entertain the idea of letting him mine dragon glass as a means to gain an alliance.  

Kings Landing:

Euron is continuing to be the villain we love to hate.  We first had Joffrey, then we had Ramsey, not Euron is filling in the void.  He comes to King’s Landing with his “prize” for the queen.  Euron is welcomed in town as a conqueror, parading Yara and the remaining Sand Snakes on a leash.  

As he enters the throne room, he has the Queen's prize and wants what he wants.  He now wants to marry Cersei.  She promises her hand in marriage when the war for the throne is finally over.  As cocky as he is, he should remember how her last husband fared while on the throne.  She’s not going to cede her power for anyone.  That doesn’t mean that Euron won’t enjoy a bunch of shit-talking to Jamie and how he’s going to have sex with his sister.  

Speaking of Cersei, she gets her revenge against Ellaria for the murder of her daughter a while back.  just as her daughter was killed by a poisonous kiss, Cersei does the same thing to Ellaria’s daughter Tyene.  After she reveals what she did to Ellaria, she chains the two face to face so that she can watch her daughter die in front of her.  So far Cersei is 2 for 2 in her fight against her enemies.


Sansa is turning out to be a pretty good leader while Jon is meeting with Danny.  She is ensuring that everyone has grain for the upcoming winter.  She also tells the blacksmiths to use leather for the armor so that soldiers don’t freeze to death as well.  Right by her side is Little Finger who is saying all the right things she wants to hear about fighting every battle as though everyone is her enemy.  I hope she realizes that he is also her enemy.  

At the gate, someone has arrived that requires her attention.  At first, this looks like she will reunite with Arya.  Turns out, it was Bran who arrived from The Wall.  As the last Stark male, she offers him rule of Winterfell.  He turns it down telling her that he’s now the Three Eyed Raven.  He tries to tell her a little bit of his power, but it’s hard to explain.  He does tell her that he was able to see her marriage to Ramsey.  While telling her how beautiful she was that fateful night, it also reminds her of that night where Ramsey first raped her and she walks away in sadness.

Casterly Rock/Highgarden:

Grey Worm leads a charge on the Lannister stronghold.  While they fight valiantly and take the fortress with relative easy, Grey Worm realizes that it was a little too easy.  Then he sees Euron’s fleet decimate his navy stranding them at the base.  

Turns out, the full force of the Lannister army was not at Casterly Rock, they launched an attack at Highgarden.  The still rich Tulley family did not have the necessary forces to defend themselves and were quickly dealt with.  Jamie could then steal their gold to give to the Iron Bank that the Lannister’s were in debt to, and wipe out one of their enemies at the same time.  Jamie finally confronts Olenna the family matriarch in her quarters.   She knows that there is no hope but death from them.  However, she still has her best weapon with her, her mouth.  She tells Jamie the truth about his sister Cersei, that she’s a monster.  Jamie doesn’t even try to deny.  He knows his sister is too far gone, but he still loves her and is on her side.  How long, that’s anyone’s guess.  After Jamie poisons her drink and promises it will deliver a painless death, she quickly downs the wine.  Knowing she’s going to die, she gets probably the best middle finger one could possibly give.  She reveals the truth to him that she poisoned his son Joffrey way back when.  Even in death, Olenna proves victorious!