Rick Famuyiwa To Direct Urban Kung-Fu Flick 'Son Of Shaolin'

Clearly, Dope director Rick Famuyiwa has his mind set on a comic book adaptation as his next project. He dropped out of directing The Flash after being attached to the film for months, leaving a vacancy that still hasn't been filled. But Famuyiwa has filled the vacancy in his schedule by taking on Son of Shaolin, which is based on the upcoming Image Comics title by Jay Longino and Canaan White.

Famuyiwa will direct the film, which sounds like a cross between Afro Samurai and The Get Down, a martial arts epic set on the streets of Harlem. Here's the synopsis:

Son of Shaolin offers a kung-fu epic set in the back alleys and subway tunnels of Harlem, New York. Kyrie, an aspiring street artist who is struggling to make ends meet, learns that he is the last living descendant of a secret sect of ancient Shaolin elders. Confused and unsure of where to turn, he finds a father figure in the mysterious Master Fong. Fong trains Kyrie in martial arts in anticipation of an attack from Red Fist, a relentless killer who has already murdered the rest of Kyrie’s bloodline.

Dwayne Johnson is on board as a producer, and one can only hope there's room for him to have a role. The Rock's a little too bulky to be anybody's sensei but he might make for an awesome Red Fist.  [THR]