Ray Romano Joins Martin Scorsese's 'The Irishman'

Just as Ray Romano's hilarious performance in The Big Sick is about to be seen nationwide, he's just locked up a role that will reunite him with the great Martin Scorsese. Romano will join the cast of Scorsese's long-developing, now rapidly-moving crime thriller, The Irishman. Remember, Romano had a recurring role on Scorsese's short-lived HBO series, Vinyl.

Romano's casting may be overshadowed by the recent news that Joe Pesci came out of retirement for the film, but it's still a pretty big addition to an impressive cast. Robert De Niro will play mafia enforcer Frank Sheeran, a high-ranking official in the Teamsters with a lot of kills under his belt. Romano will play lawyer Bill Bufalino, who works for the Teamsters and Al Pacino's Jimmy Hoffa.  Pesci plays crime boss Russell Bufalino. No relation, I swear. No really, there's no relation which is kinda crazy. Harvey Keitel and Bobby Cannavale co-star.

The Irishman is one of Netflix's biggest acquisitions so expect a big push when it's ready. [THR]