Quentin Tarantino Plans Manson Family Film; Margot Robbie, Brad Pitt, Jennifer Lawrence Eyed For Roles

Any time Quentin Tarantino plans a new movie it's huge, but when there are potentially only two left in his career, that anticipation is amplified. And tonight we're starting to learn about what may be next on Tarantino's slate, a film about the Manson Family murders, which he is wrapping up the script on according to THR. As you probably expected, the cast for this one is looking to be huge with A-listers, some that Tarantino has already begun to court.

Tarantino has reportedly approached his Inglourious Basterds star Brad Pitt for a role, along with Jennifer Lawrence, who you may recall was originally up to play Daisy in The Hateful Eight. Deadline adds that Margot Robbie is being sought to play Sharon Tate, the wife of Roman Polanski who was slaughtered by the Manson clan in 1969 while she was pregnant. Pitt would play the detective investigating the murders. You won't be surprised to learn that Samuel L. Jackson is likely to have a lead role, as well.

A package is being put together to be shopped to studios that will collaborate with The Weinstein Company. Obviously, this is going to be a huge deal for whoever lands it. This doesn't seem like your typical Tarantino project as, at least at this stage, it seems like a straight recreation of history rather than an attempt to rewrite it. Then again that could change when we get more details because right now it's too early to tell anything.