Podcast: The Best And Worst Movies Of 2017 (So Far) Show!

Can you believe we're already past the halfway point of the year? Crazy, right? While it's definitely flown by it hasn't always been fun, but 2017 has definitely provided us a few gems. This summer has been one of the best in ages, and there are some great films that have flown under the radar. Some stinkers, too, and I'm not going to let those get by unscathed.
The reason why I love this show so much, even more than the final "Best of" episode, is looking back and being reminded of where my head was at during the first half of the year. The way I feel about certain movies will evolve over time, that's just natural.  It also serves as a reminder that great movies come out all year 'round, not just during Oscar season. We tend to forget that, I think.
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