Next James Bond Film Has A 2019 Release Date, But No James Bond Yet

On the day that reviews have been released for Steven Soderbergh's Logan Lucky, which stars Daniel Craig in a comic supporting role, MGM has gone ahead and confirmed the date of the next James Bond movie. Curiously, it says nothing about Craig's return.  The film, which we keep referring to as Bond 25, will open in the U.S. on November 8th 2019, with the U.K. getting it earlier as per usual.

So the film has a release date, but no one to actually play 007. It also doesn't have a director, making that two crucial things needed before any shooting can take place, right? One could assume MGM has so much confidence in Craig's return that they've pressed ahead on this news. The most recent rumors have suggested Craig would return, and maybe that was true. Maybe they also have a director in mind? Perhaps Christopher Nolan, after all? A fan can hope, right?

MGM and the Bond folks are too experienced at this to screw around. Chances are they have a plan in place and are waiting for the right time to make everything official.