New Role For Magneto, Plus An Iconic X-Men Locale Rumored For 'X-Men: Dark Phoenix'

X-Men: Dark Phoenix is one of a handful of mutant flicks on the way from 20th Century Fox, but details on it remain pretty bare.  That's probably a good idea since the last time they tackled The Dark Phoenix Saga, in Brett Ratner's X-Men: The Last Stand, it was a disaster. X-Men: Days of Future Past opened the door for them to try again, and now today we're hearing rumors on how this version will be very different.

According to Nerdist, Michael Fassbender's Magneto will be sporting a new look, one inspired by cult leaders. No reason is given as to why, but to me it suggests he could gather up his Acolytes, fanatical sycophants who debuted in Jim Lee's iconic X-Men #1 in 1991. Considering the movie takes place in the '90s this would be perfect timing. Hopefully this means an appearance by the Acolytes' ambitious leader, Fabian Cortez, one of the great Marvel villains until they screwed him up much later on. But at first Cortez was a lot like Starscream is to Megatron. He's a powerful ally but a schemer. He manipulated a war with humanity, which led to the death of Magneto and many of the Acolytes, leaving Cortez in charge.

The site also claims that the mutant island of Genosha will be making an appearance, which sounds a lot like overkill to me. Genosha is a fictional place off the coast of Africa that practiced mutant Apartheid. Mutants were frequently captured, stripped of their free will, and forced to serve the government as "mutates". In the '90s, Magneto would capture Genosha and turn it into a free state for mutants, until Sentinels arrived and eradicated everybody and everything.

It's worth noting that at one point Fabian Cortez also took over Genosha and held captive the child of Quicksilver because she was the grandchild of Magneto, forcing the X-Men and Avengers to team up to stop him. Not that I'm expecting to see the Bloodties storyline play out here. It's just too many connected characters to ignore. If a version of that story were to take place I'd hope it would be in a separate movie, not one that also has the Dark Phoenix, the Shi'ar, etc.

So we'll see what happens. X-Men: Dark Phoenix brings back the cast of the prior movies while adding Jessica Chastain as Shi'ar empress Lilandra. It opens November 2nd 2018, directed by Simon Kinberg.