New 'Borg Vs. McEnroe' Trailer Arrives To Honor The Start Of Wimbledon

Wimbledon kicks off today for the 140th time, and as the sport celebrates a truly impressive anniversary it also seems that tennis movies are making a comeback. With Battle of the Sexes and HBO's Tour De Pharmacy, tennis is back in the spotlight like it hasn't been in a long time. And that makes this a great time for Borg Vs. McEnroe, a film that celebrates one of the greatest rivalries in tennis history.

Starring Shia LaBeouf as the flamboyant John McEnroe and Sverrir Gudnason as Bj√∂rn Borg, the film chronicles their legendary 1980 matchup at Wimbledon, Janus Metz Pederson (Armadillo) is behind the camera for what looks like an intense, warts and all look at two of tennis' fiercest competitors.

Borg Vs. McEnroe has yet to get a U.S. date but hits the U.K. on September 22nd. [Empire]