Mother Nature Attacks In New Trailer For 'Geostorm' Starring Gerard Butler

Weather satellites used to be the cheesy "world destroying" weapon of supervillains back in the golden era of comic books, and occasionally in soap operas. But we progressed past that, became more sophisticated. Or so we thought. Weather satellites make a dramatic comeback in Dean Devlin's disaster flick, Geostorm, and I guess we're supposed to take this one seriously or something.

Or not. Devlin is a longtime collaborator of Roland Emmerich's, and we know what he's all about, don't we? Devlin pulls triple duty as producer, writer, and director but it looks like Emmerich was behind the camera the whole way, crafting new ways to tear the planet to shreds and make big things fall from high places. Gerard Butler is mankind's last hope for survival when a weather controlling satellite goes haywire and begins attacking the earth rather than protecting it. People are being frozen right where they stand! Planes are falling from the sky! It's crazy! It's like An Inconvenient Truth: The Revenge

Also starring Jim Sturgess, Abbie Cornish, Alexandra Maria Lara, Daniel Wu, Ed Harris, and Andy Garcia, Geostorm opens October 20th.