Matt Damon's 'RFK' Biopic Lands 'The Dark Tower' Director Nikolaj Arcel

Nikolaj Arcel already has a ton of weight on his shoulders adapting Stephen King's The Dark Tower in a way that its rabid fans won't revolt. It appears he digs that kind of pressure, though, because his next project will be passion project Matt Damon has been trying to get made for seven years.

Arcel will be directing Damon's long-in-the-works RFK biopic, in which he'll play Robert F. Kennedy. Felipe Marino (The Hallow) and Rasmus Heisterberg co-wrote the script with Arcel, but we don't know if the film will be a life biopic or focus on a single stretch of time. Kennedy was the equally-ambitious brother to President John F. Kennedy, who became U.S. Attorney General and then the junior senator from New York. At the height of his popularity he ran for President of the United States, but was assassinated by Sirhan Sirhan in 1968. Kennedy was known as a champion of the civil rights movement and an opponent of organized crime. Popular conspiracy theories see that latter point as evidence his death was ordered by Teamsters President Jimmy Hoffa.

Here's hoping RFK will be a better movie than 2006's Bobby, which packed a star-studded ensemble in a series of pointless subplots loosely connected to Kennedy. [TheTrackingBoard]