Marvel Wastes No Time, Brings Back Jon Watts For 'Spider-Man' Sequel

Nobody at Marvel is complaining about Spider-Man: Homecoming, in fact they're pretty ecstatic about the $470M it's made so far around the world. How do we know? Well, Tom Holland's Spidey is looking to be the new centerpiece of the MCU as Robert Downey Jr. begins to take a back seat. Oh yeah, and they're also bringing Jon Watts back to direct the sequel, there's that.

Watts has entered talks to return according to THR, and the decision makes sense. Marvel keeps around an up 'n coming director who made quite a gigantic leap from the small-scale thriller, Cop Car, and did it with great success. Now we can begin speculating on what new threats Peter Parker will face in his second solo movie. Prom? Study abroad? Oooh, I bet there will be a new foreign exchange student who turns out to be Kraven the Hunter or something.

Actually, Spidey will be dealing with fallout from Avengers: Infinity War, and he'll have a new partner to team up with rather than Iron Man. Spider-Man: Homecoming 2 arrives July 5th 2019.