Joss Whedon May Get A Co-Director Credit On 'Justice League'

A nice moment from Warner Bros.' Hall H panel was when Ray Fisher, who plays Cyborg in Justice League, came out and ripped his shirt off Hulk Hogan-style in front of the crowd. Underneath he was wearing an "I Heart ZS" t-shirt, showing his support for director Zack Snyder who is going through a personal tragedy. As we know, Joss Whedon stepped in to take Snyder's place on some "extensive" reshoots, extensive enough that Whedon may be getting a co-director credit.

The Warner Bros. UK Twitter page gives credit to both Snyder and Whedon for Justice League, and that's probably how that will be handled here, too. Considering Whedon is wrapping up post-production and in some cases making wholesale change it makes sense for him to share top billing. In most cases, when a director comes in simply for mop up duty, their name doesn't garner that much attention. Then again, it's not often such a fan-favorite director pinch hits like this, and cashing in on Whedon's fan cred couldn't hurt.

Besides, I think we've already begun to see some of the changes Whedon has implemented. The most recent trailer is the best one yet. It's brighter, puts an emphasis on Wonder Woman, and finds room for humor, especially from The Flash. Those seem like Whedon elements to me.

Justice League opens November 17th.