Jeremy Renner Suffers Arm Injury; How It'll Impact 'Infinity War' And....Bourne???

You'd think if Jeremy Renner was going to get injured on set he would have done it in a Mission: Impossible movie, or certainly one of the Avengers films. But nope. Today we learned that Renner broke bones in both arms while performing a stunt, and while he doesn't name the movie it's probably the indie comedy, Tag, since that's what he's shooting right now. Ignore other sites saying he was hurt on an Avengers set. It ain't true.

Renner spoke about it at the Karlovy Vary Film Festival where he was promoting Taylor Sheridan's Wind River (which features his Avengers co-star Elizabeth Olsen), and he was asked if it would affect his turn as Hawkeye in Avengers: Infinity War. Kinda tough to string a bow with broken arms...

“No. There will be an affect to it, but it won’t stop me from doing things that I need to be doing. I’ll heal fast. I’m doing everything I can to heal faster. And doing a job that doesn’t really require a lot of stunts. It’s not an action movie, it’s a comedy that just happened to have a few stunts in it. I don’t have to beat a whole lot of people up or do anything crazy. It won’t really affect my job. It affects how I get dressed. I can’t tie my shoes. And I’ll heal up before ‘Avengers’ starts up for me so I’ll be good for training and doing my thing there.”

So everyone can relax. Besides, it's not like Hawkeye is all that important, anyway. I hear they kill him off in the first five minutes.  That may or may not be a lie.

Curiously, Variety's report says Renner is "due to star in the next “Bourne” movie." Really? That's news to me, and probably to Universal who weren't talking about a sequel to The Bourne Legacy as recently as last fall. Maybe things have changed and I missed it, but that's doubtful. This could just be a mistake on Variety's part, or perhaps they know something we don't.  [ThePlaylist]