Jared Leto May Join The Valiant Universe In 'Bloodshot'

A move from the DCEU to the Valiant Universe may be in the works for Jared Leto, and it'll certainly give him more screen time than the Joker had in Suicide Squad. Leto is in talks for the title role in Bloodshot, based on the Valiant Comics character.

Neal Moritz, the super producer behind the Fast and the Furious franchise, is putting together what he hopes will be the start of a Valiant Cinematic Universe, along with Harbinger and culminating in a Harbinger Wars crossover with Bloodshot. Bloodshot is a super soldier with nanites pumped into his blood, giving him enhanced abilities, rapid healing, and control over electronics. His mind has been wiped multiple times, and he's on a quest to put together the truth about his past.

The film has a script by Arrival writer Eric Heisserer and a director in Dave Wilson, but it's Leto who would be the A-list name needed to launch a franchise. Then again, maybe Bloodshot will already be popular by then? He'll be played by ex-Mighty Morphin Power Ranger Jason David Frank in Valiant's ambitious online series, Ninjak vs. The Valiant Universe, which should be released soon. [THR]