James Van Der Beek Turns DJ In First Trailer For 'What Would Diplo Do?'

Now that GLOW is over I've been looking for the next series to become unnaturally obsessed over. I think I've just found it in What Would Diplo Do?, which stars James Van Der Beek (The Beek!!!) as the famous DJ and guy who can't remember having sex with Katy Perry.

Basically, this looks like the hilarious Popstar: Never Stop Never Stopping, which you all didn't go see when you definitely should have. Beek, who also produces and co-wrote the scripts, plays Diplo as an ambitious moron who seems to be winging it, but at least he knows there's no 'I' in Team, but there is one in Diplo.  Here's the synopsis:

Being an international superstar DJ & producer doesn’t make you good at life. But ain’t nobody got put on this earth ’cause they were perfect, right? So as long as we’re still in the game, we got a chance to get it right.

What Would Diplo Do? is Viceland's first scripted series and will hit the streaming service on August 3rd.