Here's When 'The Incredibles 2' Picks Up After The First Movie

By the time The Incredibles 2 arrives it will have been 14 years since Pixar's superhero movie, and honestly the only movie they've had that truly NEEDED a sequel. Anyway, if you think that amount of time will have passed for the Parr family then you'd be wrong.

IGN caught up with Pixar chief John Lasseter who revealed that only about a minute will have passed between movies. In other words we'll be jumping right into the family superhero action. Sweet!

"It starts right as the first one finishes, so it just carries on," said Lasseter, who specified that only  "a minute" will have passed between films. "It starts with the Underminer and a big old set piece. You know that at the end of the first movie when he comes up and you see the family dressed as superheroes, well that’s where start this movie."

Lasseter added that only "a minute" will have gone by. Sorry, all of you who hoped we'd see adult versions of Jack-Jack, Dash, and Violet. You people are weird. Who wants to see middle-aged Elastigirl, Mr. Incredible, and *gasp* Frozone? No way. This was the right move.  Plus, the first movie was about how the family tried to keep their powers secret, but now we need to see how they handle being Supers again publicly. Should be an entirely new dynamic.

Besides, Lasseter only said the story picks up right away. I think we'll see the kid Incredibles grow up before it's over.  The Incredibles 2 opens June 15th 2018, once again directed by Brad Bird.