Here's That Cool DCEU Intro That Preceded 'Wonder Woman'

Wonder Woman was a huge step forward for DC Films. Not only did it mark their first movie that everybody seem to have loved, it's well on the way to being their highest-grossing movie of the post-Nolan era. But it also marked a big change in tone and direction, and it began with the super cool intro for the DCEU that preceded the movie.

I'm glad they didn't try to emulate Marvel's opening tease, which always gets me pumped for whatever movie is about to begin. DC Films took a quicker, animated route showing off the various members of the Justice League before panning out to reveal an entire pantheon of heroes. There's nothing particularly newsworthy here, although some sites are trying to pretend every hero spotted is about to get a movie or something, it's just something that's fun to look at. Over and over again like I've just done.