Harley Quinn Vs. Joker Movie May Be In The Works

I don't buy this story for a second, so consider it one of those rumors that emerges at Comic-Con that may or may not mean anything. Screen Rant says Warner Bros. has an eye towards a Harley Quinn vs.  The Joker movie. Why? You got me.

The film would be an addition to Suicide Squad 2 and Gotham City Sirens, and since she's arguably the most popular DC Films character right now, obviously Margot Robbie would be back as Harley Quinn. But the story doesn't say specifically whether Jared Leto would be back as the Joker. Considering he was no fan of how his performance was largely marginalized in Suicide Squad, and the negative reaction from critics and audiences to his interpretation, it's unclear if he would be back. Why would Warner Bros. want him back, for that matter? Geoff Johns is on board as a producer but those are all the "details" available. Of course he is, he runs DC Films.

So put this in the back of your mind, and perhaps we'll learn more tomorrow at the Warner Bros. panel.  You'd think they'd be done with the whole "vs" conceit after Batman v Superman, right?