Gary Oldman Is Winston Churchill In First Trailer For 'Darkest Hour'

This is the year of Winston Churchill, apparently. Following on the heels of John Lithgow's acclaimed performance as the British Prime Minister in Netflix's The Crown, and only a few weeks removed from Churchill starring Brian Cox, we now have Gary Oldman in Darkest Hour.

The first trailer for the film directed by by Joe Wright, who is hoping we forget all about that Pan debacle. Churchill stories all cover the same basic territory, it seems, and this one finds the PM considering a peace treaty with Nazi Germany at the start of WWII. Kristen Scott Thomas, the suddenly ubiquitous Lily James, and Ben Mendelsohn co-star in what is certainly a handsome-looking movie. We expect no less than that from Wright. It'll be up to Oldman to make this movie stand out from the others.

Darkest Hour opens November 22nd.