‘Fear The Walking Dead’ Mid-Season Finale Recap: “The Unveiling” and “Children of Wrath”

The confrontation between the Broke Jaw Ranch and the Black Hat Reservation heats up on Fear The Walking Dead as a familiar face returns to make things even more interesting!

First off, kudos’s to Fear The Walking Dead for taking chances.  Its parent show, The Walking Dead has a comic book that it’s based on to operate at the show bible and they try their best not to veer off too much from it.  However, on this show, the sky’s the limit with what they can or can’t do.  This has afforded the showrunners to pretty much do whatever they want, as long as they stick to the rules of the universe of The Walking Dead.  They already killed Travis, who was assumed to be the show’ hero, making his wife Madison instead to be the show’s hero.  It’s like how on Lost the creators were supposed to originally kill the male lead Jack and have Kate be the protagonist, but they instead opted not to.  However, Fear The Walking Dead decided to go all the way, and as a result, gives the show an opportunity to tell even more engaging storyline than The Walking Dead.

The show’s current conflict has been an interesting one.  It’s also a political one.  In our real life, full of highly politically charged events going on, this show has embraced diversity in such an interesting way.  The current story is focusing on the Libertarians at the Broke Jaw Ranch who are being forced off their land by the neighboring Native American tribe of the Black Hat Reservation.  The Black Hat Reservation is being led by Walker.  His argument is that the days of his tribe being picked on by Jeremiah Otto is over.  There are no courts left for them to sue against to try and claim his property through legal means (in the past, his tribe lost court battle anyway), so if he wants something, he’s going to have his tribe take it.  This week’s episode also shows the problems from his perspective as well.  For the first time, you realize that he’s not in the wrong.  In fact, we probably shouldn’t be rooting for Madison as she sided with the Ottos before knowing the full story.

Jeremiah Otto first came across as doomsday prepper who wanted his own piece of land to not deal with the government, which is a very fortunate situation to be in when there is no government and the world is overrun by the dead.  Throughout this season, however, we have come to realize that he is aa prideful, stubborn, and very racist man who probably deserves a comeuppance as a result.  In this week’s episodes, we not only learn more about his dark side, but we get to see it in full action.

Before everything goes to hell, the sensible Otto, Jake goes to the Black Hat Reservation to try and work out a deal with Walker.  Of course, his new bae Alicia tags along and the two who up.  As they confront Walker about their communities ongoing beef, Walker is surprised about the Broke Jaw family’s murder (as we know he didn’t kill them but Troy did it).  A stalemate is agreed upon.  Alicia will remain behind as a “hostage” on the reservation while Jake brings back one of theirs as a hostage.  The person Jake brings back is Ofelia.  We haven’t seen Ofelia since the end of last season when she left the hotel and was wandering through the desert.  I honestly thought she was a goner and we would probably never see her again.  But with her father Daniel returned back from the dead, it’s fair game to assume she survived, and now she’s with the Black Hat Reservation.  Alicia while in custody at the reservation spends a few moments with Walker.  Of course, he’s not the “savage” that Jeremiah painted him out to be.  Walker is even regretful for killing Travis in the crossfire when they tried to take down the helicopter as he hoped one of the Otto family was on the flight and not her family.  Although Alicia still has some hatred at Walker for Travis’ death, she does understand why he did what he did.  Alicia realizes that they might be on the wrong side of this battle.

When Jake returns with Ofelia, Madison and Jeremiah are not too receptive to the parlay.  Jeremiah stubborn as always, will not budge an inch.  Madison, being the den mother she is, will not have her daughter remain behind on the reservation as a hostage, especially if Jeremiah will not come to an agreement to save her.  She recruits Troy and his militia to conduct a night raid to rescue Alicia from the reservation, without Jeremiah’s blessing or even knowledge.  During the raid, a few members of the reservation are killed, and now this parlay is immediately in jeopardy.  Even Alicia is upset that he mother went through with this plan as she knows things can only get worse as a result.

Jake, knowing it’s going to hit the fan afterward, immediacy goes back to the reservation to try and work on the peace.  Jake is the idealist of the group and clings to the hope on non-violence as long as it’s a possibility.  He arrives at the reservation with water that Walker was trying to negotiate and brings Ofelia along as well.  Of course, he is met with hatred from Walker and everyone on the reservation.  After being beaten up, Walker nearly scalps him as well.  The only reason he still has his head is because Ofelia stopped him at the last minute.  Very good makeup showing Jake’s scalp being sliced off as Walker was cutting away into him.  Thanks to Ofelia, Jake is able to walk out of there and head back to the Otto ranch.

Ofelia seemingly paid for that interruption as she shows up at the Otto ranch beaten and tells Madison and Jeremiah that she was abandoned by Walker as a result.  Jeremiah takes Ofelia in under the watchful eye of Madison.  However, Madison is not too watchful as she would have liked.  Turns out Ofelia was playing double agent for the Walkers and spiked the community’s coffee supply with some sort of powder.  As a result, many start keeping over, convulsing, dying, and then reanimating as zombies.  As the chaos consumes the camp, Ofelia tries to escape only to be caught by a pissed off Madison (and Nick is also is danger having drunk the coffee).

We then learn what Ofelia was doing all this time via flashback.  Turns out, she met Jeremiah after her escape from the hotel last season.  While wandering through the desert, Jeremiah thinking she’s an illegal immigrant takes a few shots at her.  After the two have a brief conversation and he realizes she’s an American citizen wanting to return back to her fiancé in California, she sends her on her way.  Wanting a ride, Jeremiah rejects her on the basis of her skin color.  While there were no people of color on the ranch, it could have been assumed because Jeremiah was a racist, but it was never outright said, until tonight when he tells her he doesn’t need any “brown people.”  Stuck in the desert and dehydrated, Ofelia hallucinates of her father Daniel (who we know is still alive a looking for her).  Just before she is ready to pass away from starvation and dehydration, she is rescued by Walker.  Then, she becomes a member of his community and finds purpose (and love).

In the present day, Madison is beating on Ofelia trying to learn what she spiked the drink with.  Ofelia honestly doesn’t know what it is, so Madison heads to the reservation holding Ofelia at gunpoint to find out.  As she confronts Walker with guns drawn on her from almost everyone in the reservation, he tells her that he gave Ofelia anthrax.  This upsets Ofelia as she agreed to his plan under the guise of injuring the militia, not murdering them.  Because Madison is willing to go into the reservation to try and save her son, Walker respects her and tells his community not to kill her as she had more balls than any of the Otto family did.  He allows Madison to leave and tells her that they will take the Ranch and gives them time to leave to avoid further bloodshed.

Back at the Otto ranch, Nick and Jeremiah talk about the ongoing feud and Nick remembers that Jeremiah was alluding to something hidden under the floorboard of his house on the ranch.  Turns out it’s a skull with a bullet hole in it.  Jeremiah tells him the time when members of the reservation came talking about land grievances (before the apocalypse) and Jeremiah put a bullet in Walker’s uncle’s head.  This war had a first strike long before Walker shot at the plane during the zombie apocalypse.  Nick now realizes that he’s on the wrong side of this battle.

Elsewhere, Strand (who Daniel left for dead) has been on his own.  As he reached the coast lime, he sees his yacht.  After clearing it of zombies, he reflects on his past life.  While enjoying a bottle of champagne by himself, he plays around with his radio and then gets a message from the unlikeliest of places.  A Russian cosmonaut stuck in outer space.  The Russian knows he will die as he will never make it back to Earth.  Strand has almost given up as there is nothing to live for.  The Russian tells him now is the time for him to live his life to the fullest, and he tells the Russian to marvel in the fact that he is probably one of the last human beings to be able to reach outer space.  Strand then decided to keep on moving, keep on surviving, he sets his boat on fire and continues to navigate the apocalypse on foot.

Madison and Alicia steal some of Walker’s family relics and artifacts from the reservation at night.  This doesn’t go over so well as the next day, Walker and a legion of his men have arrived to come and claim the artifacts as well as the Otto ranch.  During the brief stalemate, Nick confronts his mother and Alicia about Jeremiah killing Walker’s family first and the fact that they are on the wrong side of this battle.  Alicia finds out that Troy killed the family and now she’s convinced they shouldn’t be on the Otto family’s side of this.  They confront their mother about her lack of feelings and she tells them the story of her time in the South, where she killed her own alcoholic abusive father.  Turns out, Madison is perfectly conditioned for the zombie apocalypse.

Madison goes to Jeremiah’s home to try and talk some sense into him about leaving the ranch or everyone dies.  Jeremiah, stubborn as ever will not budge.  He’s rather his family and everyone else die than give up the ranch.  Madison then tells him that there is one deal that can be made, the Walkers will let Broke Jaw be if Jeremiah is dead.  Jeremiah tells Madison all the kind things he did for her family when he didn’t have to and she will not kill him.  She agrees with his assessment and gives him the opportunity to kill himself to avoid further bloodshed.  Jeremiah scoffs at this idea as well.  Just then Nick comes into the room as Jeremiah is taunting Madison to kill him if she really wants to.  Just before Madison can draw her gun, Nick fires the shot and shoots him in the head.  Madison and Nick then come up with a plan for resolving the issue.  Jeremiah’s sons think Jeremiah killed himself and take his body to be buried.  Madison then cuts off Jeremiah’s head and later delivers it to Walker, securing the peace between the two communities.  But for how long?