David Ayer Exits 'Scarface' Remake, But The Reason Why Is In Debate

More trouble with Universal's remake of Scarface, which just can't seem to get off the ground. Suicide Squad director David Ayer has now dropped out of the gangster flick, and depending on the source his reasons for departing are very different.

THR's report claims that Ayer's take on the material was "too dark" for the studio, and so they decided to go in a different direction. You'll recall Ayer came aboard after Antoine Fuqua left to focus on The Equalizer 2. The Coen Brothers put their pens to a rewrite of the script, which was then followed by Ayer's take, which Universal apparently didn't dig.

But if you check out Variety, they say the issue was about Universal's "aggressive" scheduling that caused conflicts for Ayer as he does press for Netflix's Bright.  So who is right? It's usually somewhere in the middle, but all that matters is that a new director is being sought to pick up where Ayer left off.

The film still has Diego Luna set to play the infamous crimelord, however if these delays continue don't be surprised if he leaves, too. Scarface is expected to open on August 10th 2018.