Darth Vader May Be Appearing In The Han Solo Movie, Warwick Davis Is Definitely In

In a film with a lot of awesome moments, one from Rogue One: A Star Wars Story that left a strong impression came at the end when Darth Vader unleashed the power of the Dark Side as a bridge to A New Hope. But might we see more of Vader's villainy in the untitled Han Solo spinoff? It's beginning to look that way as a couple of additions to the cast have been confirmed.

Spencer Locke, who played Vader in Rogue One, has been cast in the Han Solo movie. We know because he had to cancel an appearance at a Kentucky fan event, with the website saying  "Spencer Wilding will be unable to attend as he will be filming the newest film in the Star Wars Universe. Spencer will be coming back next year".

Well, there ya go. Unless there's some secret Star Wars movie shooting elsewhere the only one in production now is Han Solo. It's always possible Locke is there to play someone else, but likely he'll be back under the helmet. Maybe we'll find out Han has been frozen in Carbonite before?

Meanwhile, it wouldn't be a Star Wars movie without an appearance by Warwick Davis, especially now that Ron Howard has taken over as director. Davis, who played the Ewok known as Wicket in Return of the Jedi, has been a Lucasfilm fixture ever since and has appeared in virtually every Star Wars movie. Davis was the star of Willow, which Howard directed for Lucasfilm in 1988. Here's the confirming tweet from Howard himself, in response to a fan asking for a Willow sequel...

The still-untitled Han Solo movie opens May 25th 2018.