Darren Aronofsky Eyes Courtroom Drama With A Sci-Fi Twist

Details on Darren Aronofsky's secretive (and apparently quite gory) horror mother! are still pretty slim, and we probably won't find out much more until closer to its release in October. But Aronofsky is already circling what he'll do next, and while it may sound bland at first, nothing the director ever does is so simple.

Deadline reports Aronofsky will produce and possibly direct an untitled courtroom drama written by Joe Epstein. Okay...courtroom drama...so what's the big deal? Apparently it has to do with artificial intelligence, and that's all we know right now.

I'm imagining a sentient robot on trial for something, and the potential of that in Aronofsky's hands sounds pretty cool. Or it could end up like Bicentennial Man or something. Let's hope not. Stay tuned.