Comic-Con: The New Trailer For 'The Inhumans' Is Getting Royally Trashed

Marvel may have crossed a bridge they never wanted to cross with The Inhumans. While we can argue about the quality of their TV shows, few think they are outright terrible. And certainly they don't look terrible. Well, The Inhumans looks pretty bad, and the latest trailer is getting ripped asunder by the Internet already.

I think the worst part about this is how damned corny the whole thing looks. It reminds me of those cheapie sci-fi shows (like Andromeda) that would come on the local CW network back in the day. It just doesn't appear up to Marvel's visual standards, and the best example is in Medusa's hair, which is a living thing that she can use as a weapon or defensive measure. In the teaser it looked hilarious wig-like, and now we get to see it in action. Meh. Not impressive at all. And I'm not buying into the royal intrigue of the Inhumans' clan just yet. Maybe that will change when the show comes out, but I think Marvel has a real image problem right now. Here are just a few instant reaction from the trailer...

Saw the Inhumans trailer at the IMAX tonight. I say this as a big Marvel fan: that show looks laughably, outrageously, aggressively awful.