Comic Con: New 'Game of Thrones' Footage Shown in Season Seven Trailer

It's all happening! The Game of Thrones panel at Comic Con is usually one of the most awaited and hyped, and this year is no different, with a new trailer shown for upcoming season seven footage. In last week's season premiere, we saw numerous storylines set in play -- Cersei and Jaime figuring out how to attack their enemies from King's Landing; Jon and Sansa learning how to work together in the North; and Dany arriving to her familial home at Dragonstone -- and we see some of those plots picked up and furthered in this new footage.

But what is entirely new? Well, Jon Snow mentioning Dany's name and her dragons is a big deal. So is Melisandre, last seen riding a horse out of the North, standing next to Varys on Dragonstone and telling Dany "I believe you have a role to play. As does another" (the dragon has three heads prophecy!). That's Euron Greyjoy on horseback at Casterly Rock, although I don't think he's kissing Cersei, I think that's Jaime. And of course, Littlefinger is whispering nonsense into Sansa's ears, continuing whatever nefarious plot he's always spinning.

Check out the new trailer for the final six episodes of Game of Thrones season seven below.