Comic-Con: Jason Momoa Teases A Big 'Justice League' Secret, Possibly Green Lantern?

It's expected that Warner Bros. will break some kind of news today regarding the futueru of the DCEU. Perhaps a director for The Flash? Perhaps confirming Patty Jenkins' return for Wonder Woman 2? And maybe, a firm announcement for Green Lantern Corps? In regards to that last bit, Justice League's resident Aquaman, Jason Momoa, may have spilled the beans about Green Lantern early. Not only that, but he's taunting us with a big secret.

As you can see, that banner shows the entire Justice League team in the movie, plus Green Lantern. Now that could mean nothing; it might just be a standard DC Films banner, but it's his taunting that he knows "something you don't know" that is telling/irritating.

If I hear more I'll let you know, of course!