Comic-Con: ‘The Flash’ Season 4 Trailer

When we last left The Flash, Barry had pretty much saved the day and stopped Savitar.  Unfortunately, the Speed Force still required a prisoner.  With Jay Garrick having already paid his penance, a new prisoner was needed.  Barry volunteered to go away to keep Central City safe.  Wally is due to step in and become the new Flash (if they follow the comics).  That doesn’t mean that the endless supply of evil metahumans won’t keep being evil metahumans.

Today at Comic-Con, the CW revealed a teaser for the upcoming season of The Flash:

Hopefully, they will let Wally be The Flash for a little while.  After all, in the comics, he was the scarlet speedster for quite some time.  Meanwhile, Team Flash needs to both move on from losing Barry (especially Iris) and at the same time, they have to keep Central City safe.  At the same time, if they can save him from the Speed Force (and not destroy the city at the same time), they will try to bring Barry back.