Citizen!! Check Out The New Trailer For Amazon's 'The Tick'

You're probably thinking, why in the world do we need more superheroes? On the big screen, small screen, wherever? Well, if we're going to have more it might as well be The Tick, because at least we know it'll satirize everything that's dumb about superheroes.  With its presence at Comic-Con solidified, and a full season ordered up by Amazon, a new trailer for its revival has debuted.

This version will be different from the beloved animated series or the first live-action attempt, in that it will star Guardians of the Galaxy's Peter Serafinowicz as the blue-skinned hero, with Griffin Newman as his loyal if painfully normal sidekick, Arthur. Jackie Earle Haley plays The Terror, who is obviously a villain. The bad guys are always the best part of any Tick story, if you ask me.

Much of the footage comes from last year's pilot, which I found to be a little flat. But Amazon saw enough in it to move forward, and how can they not when "Destiny is on the line."  Oh Tick, your cheesiness never gets old. The Tick's first six episodes hit Amazon on August 25th, the rest arriving in 2018.