Charlize Theron Would "Love To" Return For A Furiosa Prequel

At this point who knows what George Miller has planned for a Mad Max: Fury Road follow-up. Does he have anything planned for one? We know that things went really well writing the script for Fury Road, and that initially the hope was to make two movies shot back-to-back, Fury Road followed by Furiosa, the latter centering on Charlize Theron's scene-stealing character. Miller ended up with multiple screenplays focusing on different characters when all was said and done. But since then the situation has been a bit dicey. Theron's interest in returning has wavered back-and-forth, Miller seems to have distanced himself a little bit, even suggesting Furiosa wouldn't be in a sequel at all, but overall there's been no movement.

Maybe Theron just needed to get some distance from the film for a while herself, because now she seems pumped to bring Furiosa back to the big screen. And according to her, the script to make that happen is ready to go. She tells Variety...

“I’d love to. There were three scripts. They were written as backstories to Max’s character and to Furiosa’s character. But at the end of the day, this thing lives and breathes with [director] George [Miller]. I think Warner Bros. knows that. We are all waiting for him to show us the way."

Miller talked about shooting a smaller movie first, but I don't think we've heard one thing about that actually happening. He's listed as a producer on Justice League and was once rumored for Man of Steel 2. That's about it. I don't know if we've seen the last of Furiosa or not, but it does seem we're a long way off from finding out.