Charlize Theron Beats Up James McAvoy In 'Atomic Blonde' Clip, Film Is Headed To Comic-Con's Hall H

In case you haven't noticed, Universal is going all in on Atomic Blonde. They're pushing the Charlize Theron spy flick to the moon, plastering every ad with boastful comparisons to James Bond. And now as a new clip has arrived showing Theron whoopin' co-star James McAvoy's butt, word comes that the film will also be headed to Comic-Con in an exclusive spot.

Theron will bring Atomic Blonde to San Diego Comic-Con's Hall H to be part of the annual "Women Who Kick Ass" panel. It's a pretty cool hour most of the time, although occasionally it's also a chance to go outside and charge your phone. This shouldn't be one of those times as Theron is a huge name with a ton of experience leading action flicks, and she's had to overcome a lot of hurdles within the industry. She should have plenty of stories to tell, and I suspect a lot of footage from the film. There are expected to be secret screenings of it playing all over San Diego, and if I catch wind of one I may drop in and check it out.

Atomic Blonde opens July 28th, directed by John Wick's David Leitch.