Channing Tatum Eyed For 'Van Helsing' In Universal's Dark Universe Franchise

The Mummy didn't do quite what Universal hoped in launching their Dark Universe brand, earning only $390M worldwide with $79M of that domestically. That's not so good, but will that deter them from what are some big, ambitious, star-powered plans? Nope, not at all.

THR reports Channing Tatum is being eyed to star in their developing, long-planned Van Helsing film. Dan Mazeau (Wrath of the Titans) is wrapping up work on the script which would find Tatum as the titular monster hunter, last played on the big screen by Hugh Jackman in a 2004 film that was pretty terrible.

Also, it looks like Universal will take a more measured approach to these franchises going forward, although they'll keep trying to lure in A-listers for key roles. Angelina Jolie is still being courted to star in Bride of Frankenstein, which opens in February 2019 directed by Bill Condon. Javier Bardem will be part of that film, also, in the role of Frankenstein. Russell Crowe's Dr. Jekyll/Mr. Hyde is also expected to be a central figure, seeing as how he runs an organization that deals with the creatures of the night. Johnny Depp will lead The Invisible Man, and there's a pretty good bet Cruise will return either in a sequel to The Mummy or as part of the other movies in the Dark Universe.