Chadwick Boseman Is On A Mission In New Trailer For 'Message From The King'

When I look at Chadwick Boseman's career right now, I see a young Wesley Snipes. And I mean that in the best way possible. Like Snipes, he's already at the head of his own superhero franchise with the flat-out awesome looking Black Panther, making him the rare African-American to lead such a big studio project. But he's also filled out his resume with roles that show his range, like playing the most kick ass Supreme Court justice ever in Thurgood, and for a bit more there's Message from the King, which finds Boseman in revenge mode.

A new trailer for Message from the King has arrived, and while it didn't make much noise out of TIFF last year, Netflix saw enough in it to scoop it up. Perhaps they've been reading Black Panther's press clippings, too. The film stars Boseman as a simple man from South Africa, who arrives in the United States to find his missing sister. And that turns out not to be a simple thing at all.  Teresa Palmer, Alfred Molina, and Luke Evans co-star in what looks like a handy little noir-thriller, with Boseman looking particularly good here.

Netflix will debut Message from the King on August 4th.