Box Office: Dunkirk Strafes the Competition with $50M Weekend

1. Dunkirk (review)- $50.5M
Christopher Nolan continues his reign as this generations sporadic director who knocks it out of the park with each outing. World War II movies are generally well received by audiences when it comes to box office receipts but in the words of our own Travis Hopson "Dunkirk raises the bar for WW2 Movies", with competition like Saving Private Ryan and countless golden age classics, that's pretty high praise
2. Girl's Trip- $30.3M
In a surprising turn the female led comedy Girl's Trip earns a VERY respectable $30M weekend. We're seeing more and more how there is little to no difference in the draw of a comedy based on it's gender leads, male or female...if it's funny, people will come out.
3. Spider-Man: Homecoming- $22M/$251.7M
Another week, another drop for the wall crawler. After a record breaking opening it doesn't look like this one is going to break the billion dollar mark, but let's not be too jaded...1/4 of a billion in 3 weeks is nothing to laugh at.
4. War for the Planet of the Apes- $20.4M/$97M
5. Valerian and the City of a Thousand Planets- $17.2M
Luc Besson's attempt to bring us the next The Fifth Element has fallen on it's face. With a sky-high budget this kind of opening weekend is enough to certify this one a bomb.
6. Despicable Me 3- $12M/$213M
Gru and the Minions are still bringing in $200 mil+?? Really?
7. Baby Driver- $6M/$84M
8. The Big Sick- $5M/$24M
9. Wonder Woman- $4.6M/$389M
In it's eigth week of release the Amazonian princess is still holding a place in the top 10, with only another 11 million to go it looks like the first true DCU critical success is going to break $400M before it's all said and done.
10. Wish Upon- $2.4M/$10M