Ben Affleck Dropping Out As Batman After 'Justice League'

I think in the back of our minds we all knew this was coming, but it's still a shock. THR reports that Ben Affleck's last time as Batman will be in Justice League. That's right, he's not starring in The Batman.

The news is shocking but not totally unexpected. The writing was on the wall that Affleck was sick of the whole thing when he was visibly frustrated that he only got interview questions about Batman, but not his own directorial project, Live by Night, which then bombed. Affleck then dropped out of directing The Batman, mostly due to fatigue. And finally, his script that he co-wrote with Geoff Johns was recently scrapped by incoming director, Matt Reeves.

So this is a little bit more bad news for Warner Bros. as they try to get The Batman ready to go for a possible 2019 release.