Barry Jenkins To Adapt James Baldwin's 'If Beale Street Could Talk'

It took eight years for Barry Jenkins to followup his breakout film Medicine for Melancholy with last year's Best Picture winner, Moonlight. Fortunately, we won't have to wait that long for what he'll do next, and it's based on a script he adapted from the great James Baldwin. You can already see why studios would be clamoring for it.

Jenkins will write and direct If Beale Street Could Talk, a love story set in 1970s Harlem. The story follows lovers Fonny and Tish, whose relationship insulates them from the outside world and their respective dysfunctional families. However all of that comes tumbling down when Fonny is falsely convicted of rape, and while he's imprisoned Tish discovers that she is pregnant. Along with her lawyer she must race to find evidence that will get Fonny released.

The Baldwin estate is supporting this one, so you know Jenkins is going to be faithful to the powerful source material.  Annapurna, along with the same producers behind Moonlight, are back to give Jenkins all the support he'll need to turn out another awards contender. Now let's see who he casts in the two leads. Shooting begins this October.