Another Setback For 'Triple Frontier' As Ben Affleck Exits

And the ex-Kathryn Bigelow project Triple Frontier has suffered another setback. Ben Affleck, who looked close to joining the film along with his brother Casey, has now dropped out according to Variety. The drug war film has been struggling to get along for nearly a decade.

No reason was given but we can figure out why, can't we? It's not like Affleck isn't crazy busy already. But this continues the many problems getting this sprawling movie off the ground. J.C. Chandor picked up the directing reins once Bigelow dropped out, and he's working from a script by Oscar-winner Mark Boal. Channing Tatum and Tom Hardy were attached at one point but left once Paramount dropped the film. Netflix eventually came in to save it, which is when the Affleck entered talks. So far there is no confirmed cast and Netflix will basically start over from scratch.

The film takes place in the dangerous border zone between Paraguay, Argentina, and Brazil, which has become a haven for organized crime. After all of this time it's a wonder if Triple Frontier will ever happen, and if it does will the wait have been worth it?