Anne Hathaway May Replace Amy Schumer In The 'Barbie' Movie

Let's see...Anne Hathaway has been a princess, a bride, an astronaut, a cat burglar...she's pretty much done it all. She's beloved by some women for her diversity and hated by others who think she's phony. I don't know if there could be a more perfect actress to star in the Barbie movie than Anne Hathaway.

Forget about her dark hair or that Amy Schumer was previously cast in the role, Hathaway is Sony's choice to play the world's most popular, highest-selling doll. Schumer, who would have been a less obvious choice, dropped out a few months ago due to scheduling conflicts. If Hathaway does sign on, she'll be bringing Fun Mom Dinner director Alethea Jones with her, having made he selection herself. That's the kind of power you get after winning an Oscar, folks.

The Barbie film has been described as similar in tone to Enchanted, and was to have centered on a Barbie who enters the real world after figuring out how different she is from the perfect Barbies. She comes to learn that her individuality can be an asset and something to be admired. That plot sounds perfect for Schumer but not so much for Hathaway. I wouldn't be surprised if there's some tweaking that goes on with the script, and possibly a move off its June 29th 2018 release date. [THR]