A Female-Led 'John Wick' Spinoff May Be On The Way

Not every hit movie needs to be turned into a cinematic universe, but the world of John Wick is so fully-realized it would be a crime not to. And now we may be seeing it happen as Lionsgate eyes a potential spinoff that would have a female lead.

Lionsgate have snapped up a spec script for Ballerina, an action flick penned by Shane Black devotee, Shay Hatten. The plot is standard stuff, a young assassin vows revenge against those who killed her family. The story is being described as similar to Luc Besson's classic, La Femme Nikita, only more "pulpy" and "hyper-stylized". Rather than have the film set off on its own, the studio is considering a way to launch it as part of the John Wick brand.

It's a good idea on paper, but it all depends on if Ballerina lives up to the high quality set by John Wick. If not, more damage than good could be done. We'll probably see John Wick 3 hit theaters first, and who knows? Maybe when he's not mowing down enemies Keanu Reeves can stop long enough to set up the potential spinoff? [THR]