Wesley Snipes & Seth Rollins Lead An 'Armed Response' In The Action Flick's Trailer

There are so many reasons to be hyped over the new trailer for action flick, Armed Response. First, it looks completely like a throwback flick from the '80s.  Yeah, I can dig it.  It stars Wesley Snipes, who made a career kicking butt in movies like this. And oh yeah, it also features the acting debut of WWE superstar Seth Rollins.

Directed by John Stockwell with Anne Heche co-starring, the film has an oddly supernatural slant to go with the heavy artillery. Snipes leads a special ops team into a high-tech facility known as The Temple, where they discover the slaughtered remains of the previous team sent there. They begin to experience weird otherworldly phenomenon as they try to find out what happened, only to encounter a lone survivor who is more than he appears.

Snipes looks right at home and like he hasn't lost a step. Count me in for this one.  Armed Response hits theaters and VOD on August 4th.