Watch Neill Blomkamp's First Oats Studios Short Film, 'Rakka'

It's only been a couple of weeks since Neill Blomkamp started talking about and showing us teasers for his Oats Studios venture, and the excitement has been building. The series of experimental short films will, if all things go as planned, help him launch new feature film universes, which is pretty cool because Blomkamp is one of the best at world-building, as seen in his breakout debut, District 9.

We now have the first of Blomkamp's films, Rakka, a sci-fi film set in 2020 in the wake of an alien invasion. Sigourney Weaver appears in the film as a resistance leader, but the story will follow many different perspectives of the invasion, including that of the aliens.

Blomkamp previously stated that Oats' first wave will consist of three 22-minute shorts, to be streamed on Steam. Rakka can be seen below and accessed at Steam for free, but additional assets, such as a 5.1 soundtrack mix, 3D models and more, can be purchased for $4.99.