Tom Cruise's 'The Mummy' Could Lose Universal $95M

Do the launches of all cinematic universes start with a $95M loss? Because that's what Universal's Dark Universe is facing with The Mummy, according to the numbers crunched by Deadline. The Tom Cruise-led film, which some reports say he exerted too much control over, has only earned $293M worldwide, just $57M of that domestic. So while it's doing huge business overseas, the overall total isn't going to be enough to cover Universal's costs.

According to Deadline's numbers, the film cost $345M when all is said and done, including marketing. If the film banks $375M by the end of its run, well, that doesn't look too terrible, right? Wrong, because only a portion of that, probably around $250M, will actually make its way to the studio. The rest goes to the exhibitors. So there's where you get a loss of $95M.

Ouch.  These kinds of reports are becoming more commonplace, and as I've said before I don't really like posting about them unless they have some relevance. In this case it calls into question the future of Dark Universe. If Tom Cruise of all people can't get this thing going right, then that puts more pressure on Angelina Jolie's The Bride of Frankenstein.

But when it all boils down to it, The Mummy would have been fine if it cost less. What was the reason for ditching Dracula Untold, the first movie that was supposed to launch Dark Universe? It may have only made $217M but its production costs, about $70M minus marketing, were a fraction of The Mummy's, and I bet Universal would kill to be in the black rather than the red.